Awesome Duck

Inigo Flufflebum and D’Artagnan Rumblepurr tagged me. I am suppose to give 7 reasons why I’m awesome, and then tag 7 others to play too.  Gee, this is tough.I am embarassed. I will get my cat Sanjee to help.

Ok I will help yoo George. Lessee…
My duky George is pawsome for lotsa reezins. Here is seben reezins.

George is furry friendly and can chat wif most anybuddy.
George knows how to use da GPS so he is da navibagater for the typist.
George gots his own pets n he takes good care of thems.
George is sofisstikated and eets sasheemee at fine restyrants.

George is offishul anipal fotografer for truk rides in teddybear pikniks n stuff.

George can do da bakstroke!

George riskeded his life to get me da hams I luvs. He is brave n fotful!

    Dat George, he is definitaly pawsome!
    Sanjee tha Cat, Queen of HotMBC

    ***************/end a da Sanjee repawt/***************

    Oh my. *blush* Thank you, Sanjee.

    Now I have topick seven awesome pals. That’s not hard. Well, limiting it to is challenging. But here we go.

    1. Shawnee the Shepherd
    2. Boris Kitty
    3. Huntyr
    4.  Mack and Sally Ann
    5. Pandora aka Pandafur
    6. Marley and Lola’s Terrier Life
    7. and my cat Sanjee *grinz*
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    5 Responses to Awesome Duck

    1. susan says:

      awww. i feel bad you forgot me mr. duckie!

      When my blog goes live- i will do this meme too!


      holly the cat

      p.s mom is frustrated with the changes on blogger is Sanjee and the typist too?

    2. Pandafur says:

      you is awesome george, quack quack!

    3. Mack and Sally Ann says:

      Thank you for the lovley nomination. George you are "awesome," and you are very cute also.
      Sally Ann

    4. Shawnee the Shepherd says:

      You is totally awesome, George! Thanks for tagging me. I will gets on it as soon as I fink of 7 fings….

    5. George The Duck says:

      Holly – I'm waiting for you to get your own blog or I would have added you. Sanjee and the typist haven't even noticed them. QOL They are so out of it sometimes.

      Pandafur – Thanks! meow meow!

      Sally Ann – *blush* Thank you

      Shawnee – Oh it is easy to find 7 thing about you! Hire your Mom to do it if you want. QOL

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