A Bow for Syd

My friend @Sydpie keeps getting called a boy on Twitter.  I find that kind of funny since she has a pink collar and smooooooooooches everyone a lot because she is so friendly. So I offered to get her a bow. She wanted pink.  Here’s Syd with her pink bow. Doesn’t it look pretty on her?

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6 Responses to A Bow for Syd

  1. @wagglebutts says:

    george – dat is so pwetty on sweet SydPie! penny & bianca weally luv dat pink!


  2. Sydpie says:

    OH, George!!!!! It's loverly! SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!! wagwagwagwagwag
    Thank you so VERY VERY VERY much!!!!

  3. George The Duck says:

    Wagglebutts – Thank you. I thought it was just right for Syd.

  4. George The Duck says:

    Syd – Yay! I'm so glad you like it. 🙂

  5. CarneyFarm says:

    That sooo cute on SydPie !!!!
    We love yous George.

  6. George The Duck says:

    Isn't Syd cute in her bow?
    *ducky hugs* Love you too! QUACK!

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