Hasta La Vista Babeeeeee

I’m off to the beach with the Typist.  Her Mom will be here looking after the kitties. But I get to go to the beach. Yippee!  I’ve never seen the ocean before, so I am excited.  This is good because I’ve been very sad I can’t go to #chickfest this weekend.
Yall have a great time at the pawty and I’ll see you Monday!
Quack! And *ducky hugs*

PS. I am very excited that the Typist-Who-Is-Also-A-Jewelry-Artist put my pendant on her site. I feel very professional now. That must be why I need a vacation.

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3 Responses to Hasta La Vista Babeeeeee

  1. The Meezers says:

    haf a quacking good time!

  2. Amy and The House of Cats says:

    Oh have fun at the beach – but don't stay out too long in the sun and end up broiled!

  3. Mack and Sally Ann says:

    Don't forget your sunblock. Sunburns are very bad for little ducks.

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