More Awesome Duck *blush*

I must be more awesome than I even suspected, because now my friend @CaplinROUS has tagged me  as well as Rumblebum did before, to share 7 awesome things about myself. He said I am Itt.  I asked if I could be Uncle Fester for a change. QOL  

Sanjee said I have to do this one on my own. I thought of trying to bribe Pepi, but he’s getting over his asthma so not this time.  I think I will be immune after this time.

Why I Am Awesome *blush*

1. I have my own graphics blog.  I bet only awesome stuffed catnip ducks have a graphics blog.

2. I have six cats. If I were a lady, I would qualify as a crazy cat lady. Isn’t it awesome for a stuffed duck to have six cats?  I think it is!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty  Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni  Mini the Moocher  Gree, Mrs. Othello  Pepi, Mancat of the House Mini-mini

3. I am  awesome for answering weird questions politely.
(For my friends who look out for me, this was funny, and she apologize for saying it funny.)

4. I am awesome because I am the reason for the phrase “just ducky.” That’s what @JinJinDoggy said, anyway. I also blush well.

5. I have faboo shades and that is awesome.

6. I know @CaplinROUS who tagged me for this meme. That means I know a capybara. For a small stuffed duck in Furginia, I think that is pretty awesome.
7. I have peeps in all corners of the world. Well, if it had corners I would. I know cats and dogs and bunnies and teddybears and humans all over the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Austria, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Egypt, and other places and that is pretty darned awesome.

8. I am awesome because I’m going to let you tag yourself if you want to play. Seven of you step up and play please and let me know where. Thank you!

Now I am immune to this meme virus going around. I think that is awesome, because I am getting a little embarassed at talking about being awesome. Mostly I just feel like a happy duck.

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  1. susan says:

    George, you are awesome, and i am having a party as you can see on my blog. you and Sanjee are welcome to attend.


    holly the cat

    p.s. your typist can come too, she can hang out with mine!

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