Yummy Tasties

One day, me and the Typist decided to fix some noshes for a couple of friends.  We got all the stuff together.

Stinky cheez

First was the stinky cheez. They call it Raclette, but I tell you that this stuff is STINKY!  It stinks so much we had to keep it inside 2 zip baggies to keep the whole fridge from smelling stinky.

Is the fryer clean

Second, I got the lil fryer out and made sure it was clean.  A close inspection showed me that it was really clean.  Then I had to clean up my footprints out of the bottom.

Oil can!

The we got out the peanut oil. It is healthier than lard and it does not smoke when you use it to fry.  It is still very tasty.

Cutting the yams

Then I peeled and chopped up a bunch of yams for yam chips. I had to be very careful with the very large knife.

Tasty olives

Last we added some greek olives and roasted garlic. Tasteeeeee!

After the Stinky Cheez was roasted with a red wine, and the yam chips were fried we got to eating.

Looks nasty tastes nommy

We ate and ate and it was all very tasty. It was so tasty we forgot to take pix of the yam chips. QOL

Nommy cheez

Maybe you can come have some Very Stinky Cheez and Yam Chips with us sometime.

my scrawl

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8 Responses to Yummy Tasties

  1. Oh George it sounds like you and your typist are great cooks! That all sounds very yummy!

  2. The Meezers says:

    Stinky Cheese is good!

  3. George says:

    Amy & Cats – QOL Well the Typist is good at cooking fun food. She is very bad at cooking normal meals, though. The stinky cheez and yam chips were excellent, though, if I do quack so myself.

    Meezers – Yes it is! Hurray for Stinky Cheez!

  4. Sydpie says:

    YUMMMMM! *Licking yam chips off the floor*

  5. Zackary Rabbit says:

    WOW! LOVE da pics! be careful with dat knife cutting yams!!

  6. Be careful my duckie friend, we need you all in one piece!!

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