A new friend and a joke

Package from Boris

I got a package from my friend Boris Kitty!

a Duckie is in here!

I thought I saw webbed duckie feet when I opened it.

A girl duckie!

I did!  It was a very pretty girl duckie named Natasha!!!  She is Fabulous. I know that because her t-shirt says so.

I joked on twitpic that Natasha was my mail order bride. That worried some of my friends. Do not worry, I would not marry a stranger. I am not really a marrying sort of duck anyway.

George and Natasha

I got a cool t-shirt in the package too, and other goodies I’ll show you later.

For now I will show Natasha around the house and introduce her to all the kitties and my pet dogs too.

Thank you for everything, Boris!

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7 Responses to A new friend and a joke

  1. Zackary Rabbit says:

    Hello Natasha!! *waving paw* how lucky you are to go live with George!! Hope he’s showing you where to get all the good snacks!! hehehe!!

  2. George says:

    Natasha says hi back, Zackary! Of course I’m showing her where to get all the good snacks. I try to be a good host!

  3. Mog says:

    A female companion, sweet. You two duckies going to be best buds? Nice to have friends aside from the cats who aren’t that kind to duckies. Especially catnip filled duckies. I know Meowza would make short work of one. Although a real duck might make short work of Meowza.

  4. George says:

    Mog, I think Natasha and I will be good friends 🙂 I guess I am lucky that my kitties are older and not as feisty. QOL

  5. holly the cat says:

    I wish I could get in the duckie club too. I think Natasha is beautiful!

  6. Wow George – a new lady friend for you is awesome! It is nice to meet Natasha – we can’t wait to hear about some of your adventures together – and we also can’t wait to see what else you got with her!

  7. George says:

    Holly, we’ll get you in the Duckie Club 🙂

    Amy, I was happy to meet Natasha too! I will have to get more pix up soon. So many adventures, so little time! QOL

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