Friends Friday

First… Some of our friends did not get to come to the Farm Pawpawty, so @Emmythecat is organizing a “Mini” Farm Pawty for today approx 3pm UK DST (10am US EDT, 7am US PDT) to go on for  5 to 8 hours or until the cows come home if people keep pawtying. There will be quizzes, prizes, DJ’s and barktenders. So stop by if you can. It’ll be fun!

And… This is awesome…

@Trailerparkdogs, interns for the Farm Pawpawty photography, did this incredible pic of Hayride at the pawty! Look at what a great pic it is!

Click to open full pic in a new window

Click to open full pic in a new window

I’d say that @Trailerparkdogs does not need to be interns any more. What do you think?  That is pawsome!  Thanks you guys!

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