Getting Ice Cream

Gelati Celesti

The Typist took me and her mom to a local place called Gelati Celesti that makes homemade ice cream right here in town.

Going on in

I showed them the way in to get the ice cream.

Look at all the ice cream!

The girl behind the counter helped me check out the different flavors. Wow there are a lot of flavors! Banana is popular, I hear.

Decisions decisions

To sprinkle or not to sprinkle? That is just one of the questions.

I could not decide on one kind of ice cream or sprinkles, so I decided to help the Typist and her mom both eat their ice creams.

Mmmmm chocolate ice cream

Grandma – that’s what the Typist’s mom told me to call her! – had chocolate. VERY tasty chocolate I might add. It was so tasty I did not notice at first that I had chocky on my bill.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

The Typist had butter pecan and that was very tasty too.

I got so much ice cream on my bill and my wings that I had to have a bubble bath when I got home. I did not mind though. Tasty ice cream is worth it!

my scrawl

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3 Responses to Getting Ice Cream

  1. The Meezers says:

    Wow, you gotted the forbidden chocolate!

    we loves ice cream

  2. Oh, first I have to ask – is it ice cream or gelato – because the name of the place makes me think gelato. Now, don’t get me wrong, ice cream is awesome and everything, but at least from my experience, gelato is soooooo much more awesome – I hope that is what it was (although if so it will spoil you for regular ice cream). Either way they look very yummy.

  3. George says:

    Meezers, yeah. It is very tasty. But they said it was bad for cats. The chocky, that is. I think the other ice creams are ok.

    Amy, it’s ice cream or I wouldn’t get any because the Typist doesn’t like gelato very much at all. QOL Maybe I should come visit you and try it though. *grinz*

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