An Award and Secrets

My buddies Junior Jones and Boo Puff gave me this award. Thank you, guys!

Honest Scrap Award

So what you do when you get this award is write 10 interesting and honest facts about yourself. Then, you pass it on to a minimum of 7 other cat blogger friends. I suppose I can pass it on to dog blogger friends or duck blogger friends (if I had any of those) too. Which leads me to

1. I believe rules are more like guidelines, but I try to follow the guidelines. More or less.

2. I tweet COMMANDO.


3. My belly is filled with tumbled lepidolite these days instead of catnip. It improves my posture and makes me all calm.

4. I sit around nekkid on the Typist’s desk much of the day and order her about. It is fun to have a toy human!

5. I ride around in Sanjee’s can with her but I play noms the most with my cat Pepi.

6. I am smaller than some of the crystals around here. It is enough to give a duck a complex.

big crystal little George

7.  I love all my girl duckie friends. I can’t pick just one.

8. I am studying nursing to take care of the Typist. I need more training as I nearly smothered her the last time I practiced bandaging on her.

9. The Typist’s mother adopted me as her Grandduck and she loves me very much.


10. I fell in the litterbox once but got lucky and did not land on anything nasty. I had a bubblebath after anyway.

I’m going to pass this award on to

1. Boris Kitty
2. Kittehboi (even tho he may be annoyed)
3. FlaCatLady (cuz she’s an anipal even tho she’s a human)
4. & 5. Mack and Sally Ann (I love guidelines! QOL)
6. Shawnee
7.  SirFudgeEsq (his blog is often notty, do not go there if you don’t like notty)

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4 Responses to An Award and Secrets

  1. Rosie & Cheeto says:

    Hahaha, we KNEW yoo tweeted commando! And yoo boss yer lady arownd nekkid…whoa! Oh, and yer gramma is vary pretty. Hi gramma *waves paw*

  2. Sally Ann says:

    Thank you so much for the cute and fun award.
    Sally Ann

  3. Rumblepurr says:

    Baby Duck blushed a little when she heard you blog nude, but I think she secretly liked it 😉

  4. George says:

    Rosie and Cheeto – I’ll tell Grandma you said hi and that you said she is very pretty. She will grin big I am sure.

    Sally Ann – You’re welcome. I hope you have fun with it!

    Rumbles – Oh my! *blush*

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