Ham sammich adventure

me and Natasha were hungry

Natasha and I were hungry one day and decided to make a ham sammich.

I got the bread out

I got out the bread. Fortified bread, keeps a ducky strong!

Natasha got out the ham

Natasha got out the ham. Honey ham mmmmmmmm.

I got out the mayo

I brought the mayo. We prefer mayo on ham sammiches. Mustard just not our thing.

Toasting the bread

I toasted the bread. Is it like boiling water and if I watch it, it will never pop up?

Mayo on the toast

It did pop up though, and I put the mayo on. I got a lil too much though, so I had to scrape some off.

Natasha put the ham on

Natasha did the honors with the tasty ham.

Ham Sandwich!

And voila! We had a tasty ham sammich to share.  Nom nom nom.

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7 Responses to Ham sammich adventure

  1. Sydpie says:

    That looks like a pretty big sandwich for two cute little duckies. *sits and waits for leftovers*

  2. Ham? ::spin:: Share plz? ::spin:: mew?

  3. Lou says:

    mmmmmm *drools*

  4. BorisKitty says:

    We could do a cooking show like Zack Rabbit. Or even take over since he missin in akshuns!

    We luvs da ham too.

    4 kittehs circles u n sits n stares u down. sharin dat?

  5. Rumblepurr says:

    Uh oh… now you guys are gonna smell like ham, watch out!!

  6. Meow_Girls says:

    Mmmmmm we love honey ham too…and sammmiches. There are two of us so when humans go out today, we are going to try to make one..hee hee

  7. George says:

    Syd – Yes, there is some left over for you and Victor too.

    Victor – Yes you can have some. We will make another sammich if we need to

    QOL Lou here is a napkin for you

    Boris – Oh we couldn’t do it every week that’s for sure. Yes we’re sharing.

    Rumbles – Can’t be much worse than smelling like catnip QOL

    Girls, you can have some, there’s enough to share. +

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