Lookie! It’s me!

I got a package

I got a package from Loki and his Primate at Orange Cat Blues!

What's in the package

Let’s see what is inside it.

This was in it

There’s some cards and a little red bag.

Let me get it out

Let me get them out of there.

I am a cute animini

OMD! It’s me! It’s my red shirt animini! WOW! It looks just like me when I was wearing the red shirt for #trekday! I must be like Scotty and not expendable since I survived it and so did my animini.

Wearing myself

I love my red shirt animini. Thank you Loki and Primate!

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7 Responses to Lookie! It’s me!

  1. Shawnee says:

    How kewl to has a mini-you! A very good likeness. But now I must get on your case like I hads to do wif @BorisKitty. The plastic bags all says: “WARNING – Keep away from chilluns!” That means ducks too. This is coz when you put your hed in plastic, you cannot breef and you be ded!

  2. Oh George that is so cool! A red shirt you is so awesome – but I agree about you being careful in those bags!

  3. George says:

    Aw Shawnee, thank you for the warning. The Typist was with me to make sure I only crawled in for a few seconds to get my loot. We keep the kitties away from plastic bags. πŸ™‚

    Amy, thank you too. Yall are great friends! I will be very careful with plastic bags and only crawl in them with the Typist right there to snoopervise.

  4. Loki says:

    Dood! Yoo looks good wearing… um… yoo. Thanke fur the piccies, I furgets to take dem. πŸ˜€ But then it moar a surprize, anyhao!

    β™₯ Loki

  5. George says:

    Thanks, Loki! I’m glad the pix work for you. I liked being surprised, so that was fine!

  6. BorisKitty says:

    OMC i iz soooo jealous ma green eyes iz GREEN! Dat iz pawsum it do be lookin just likes u from #trekday! n since u iz scotty n not a ded redshirts it okai u wuz in day plastik baggy…cause u survived dis episode! YAY 4 U!

  7. George says:

    QOL is that why it worked Boris? And err yes, you are so jealous your eyes iz green. They always are. QOL

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