I won a contest for my kittehs at Boris Kitty’s contest. Look at the way cool toy we won.

It’s an undercover mouse! They love it!

Mini with the Undercover Mouse

Mini had a ball with it.

Mini and Pepi with the Undercover Mouse

Then Pepi had to come play too.  They played a looooooooooong time they had so much fun.

Thank you Boris!

PS. Don’t forget to enter my contest too, you might win an e-gift certificate for something cool.

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2 Responses to Prize!

  1. Hay, what a grate toy! We entered da contest too but obiusly, you winned! ::spin:: Concatulations! Play nice, kay?

  2. Wow that is pretty cool that you won that for them! I always wondered about that toy because I have seen it for sale but can’t remember anyone else who had one. It is good to know the kitties like it because it looks like it would be a good gift.

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