It was a great PetiePawty

Yesterday @Boomiethecat organized a surprise 15th Birthday party for our friend @Petiethecat. Petie was surprised and thrilled and we had lots of fun!

George in the PetiePawty Hat

Boomie designed party hats for us to print up at wear. Mine was a little large. QOL

George - Petie Twibbon

So I went with the Twibbon I designed instead.

Here are a couple of other folks in their festive outfits.




my cat @sanjeethecat (even her chauffeur is wearing a party hat!)




Even the Typist celebrated with us.

We had a blast and I think Petie enjoyed his party very much. You can see the #Petiepawty wall here, and the fab cake that Boomie made here. Success!

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2 Responses to It was a great PetiePawty

  1. Wow it looks like it was a lot of fun – what cool hats! And we love the Twibbon too!

  2. George says:

    it was great, Amy. I’m glad we could have a big party for our buddy Petie

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