Lucky Duck

I have been sad, but I am a very lucky duck too. I have great friends who love me and want me to feel better.  They have been kind to me, and sometimes silly and fun to cheer me up.

hip hop elves

My friend @Morriscat made some cool jibjabs with me in them.  Here I am as a hip hop elf with him and my buddies @RudyCKat, @perrythebirman, @Petiethecat, and a disco elf with them too! They made me laugh a lot.

boris It's a Jib Jab Life

And my buddy @BorisKitty made some too and they made me laugh a lot. He made me into an angel QOL! And Tiny Tim too! And this one! QOL QOL!

Daisy Boo Christmas for George

And today my sweet friend Daisy Boo sent me Christmas pictures of herself! With music! She is so beautiful!  That was very sweet of her to send me cute pictures of her.

I am a lucky duck to have such good friends.

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