Trip to NC

Yesterday, I went with the Typist on a day trip down to North Carolina!  We went down to see Uncle Roman and the Typist’s Dad.

Uncle Roman

Uncle Roman is silly, but he is also very nice. He saved me one time when we were at the beach.

The Typists Dad

The Typist’s Dad is also nice. He doesn’t mind me sitting on the table at the Lone Star where we went to eat.

George at Lone Star

I want a star like that one. Then I can be a sheriff. I will need a horse to go with it, though.

George is on.. no, IN.. the menu

No, I was not on the menu. I was IN it. Trying to get it open.

George in the peanut bucket

I hopped in the peanut bucket to get some peanuts.

Tasty Salad

Then the tasty salad came.

Steak n Taters

But the best part was the nommy steak and taters. I shared with the Typist.

George on a Gift

After we ate, we went to the Typist’s dad’s house and they exchanged gifts.  I got to play on the gifts and in the wrapping paper. It was fun.

Then we had to come back home.  I like going on adventures, but I think I like home best.

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8 Responses to Trip to NC

  1. Eline says:

    You are nearly mad as a hatter George! Thanks for sharing your trip – very enjoyable reading!

  2. George says:

    Mad as a hatter! QOL Well I’m glad you enjoyed it Miz Eline!

  3. Mariodacat says:

    What a fun trip you had. I liked the picture of you uncle. he he – he’s cute. Grandpa looks like a nice man. They must get a kick out of you.

  4. Hi Cousin George! I wish I’d known you were in North Carolina, you and the Typist could’ve stopped by Happy Fields. There are lots of horses here – they’re pretty nice too. I think you’d like them. You don’t need to have an invitation, we love visitors at Happy Fields, just call or drop us an email. I hope to see you one day soon!

    Love & quacks

  5. George says:

    Mario, Uncle Roman is funny. We all have a good time together.

    Gloria, we were only there for a few hours then had to come back home or I would have stopped by!

  6. Zackary Rabbit says:

    Sounds like you had a great time, George. Love the pics!! HUGS!

  7. George says:

    Rumbles, The steak was very mmmmmmmmmm. I wish I could have brought some home to share with everyone.

    Zack, I did have a great time *ducky hugs*

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