Rock Star

George the Rock Star

I am going to be a rock star! Won’t all the girl duckies be impressed?!?!?! QOL

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4 Responses to Rock Star

  1. madiodacat says:

    You are one cool looking dude buddy. The girls are going to flip over you.

  2. Hi George – we have missed you while we have been away! We think you would be a great rock star!

  3. Hey Cuzzin George, verry groovy!

    I posted a link to a nifty movie on my blog, but don’t know how to make the player show (it’s youtube) so if you want to post it on your blog too, I don’t mind.

    Quacks & Hugs,

  4. George says:

    Thanks, Mario!

    Amy and Cats, welcome back! And thank you 🙂

    Hi Gloria, that sounds like fun. I’ll check it out!

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