The Typist made me a present. She made me George the Duck Wallpaper! It has fun memories from 2009. Wasn’t that nice of her? You can click the pic to see the big size. And you can have a copy if you want, regular or widescreen.


1920 x1080

Thank you, Typist!

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8 Responses to Wallpaper

  1. mariodacat says:

    WOW – Is dat ever neat. You has a very talented typist. M has been trying to figure out how to do one of all her followers, but she gave up for lack of knowledge. Thank you George, I think I will make a copy of it. So kind of you to share.

  2. Wow that is so cool of your typist to make that for you! WE think we need to add it to our wallpaper rotation!

  3. ZackRabbit says:

    oh WOW, George!! That wallpaper is super cool!!! you typist must’ve spent alot of time on dat!!!

  4. George says:

    Mario – Thanks!

    Amy and Cats – I hope it makes you smile then.

    ZackRabbit – Thanks! I think she was making up for not finding me a cool hat yet.

  5. Rumblepurr says:

    You have such a talented typist, I sure hope you give her ducky cuddles my friend.

  6. George says:

    Rumbles, yes, she is; I am very lucky. I do give her ducky cuddles for sure.

  7. Sydpie says:

    I LOVE your wallpaper George! Thank you for including your visit to my house! *picks up Duckie and smoooooches on the beak*

  8. George says:

    Thanks Syd! woo hoo! I had fun visiting your house, so of course I had to include it!

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