Scarce duck

I’ve been kind of a scarce duck online this week.

As you can see, it’s due to the Typist. Her work web host server choked on her busy site and she had to change hundreds of pages of stuff. So she’s worked over 40 hours in the past 3 days.  She says she is dead meat.  She sort of looks like it, doesn’t she? I guess I’ll forgive her for not being able to type for  me this week.  Next week better be an improvement though. She’d look even worse if the duck went on strike.

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5 Responses to Scarce duck

  1. We think it is a good idea for you to be nice to your typist right now – it sounds like she had a very tough week!

  2. flicka47 says:

    aww,I have just got to agree with Amy on this one,you’d better be nice to Typist! She does a lot of stuff for you!

    And she’s had a bad week for sure,maybe you should fix her dinner…does she like Duck Food?…snicker…

  3. Mog says:

    Poor typist, wondered what happened. Know messing with websites can be time consuming. I still haven’t checked all the pages at the CB for errors. Sending big hugs to typist. You too, George seeing as you’ve been deprived.

  4. Rumblepurr says:

    Sorry George, one more agreeing that you should be extra nice to the typist this week…

  5. George says:

    Oh. Well. Yall do have a point. I’ll see if I can find her some bugs to eat. err Chocolate, yeah chocolate.

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