Meet my friend Squee!  He is a Kiwi bird from New Zealand. He flew alllllllllll the way to my house from Rumblepurr‘s to live with us.  He has a very cool voice and goes “squee squee”. I think that might be how he got his name.  It is fun having a bird friend in the house. Squee also brought nip and treats for the kittehs and human nip (chocky) for the Typist and more from Rumblepurr. Thank you for helping him fly over when I won the contest, Rumbles!

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5 Responses to Squee

  1. Rumblepurr says:

    Aww!!! You guys look so good together!! And now you have a wing man for when you go looking at lady ducks!!

  2. Yoda_the_Dog says:

    Squee is soooo cute. He reminds me a little of my pelican.

  3. Busy Buttons says:

    Ohhh… I’ve never seen a TOY like that one! *drools on computer*

  4. zackary rabbit says:

    OMB!! A Kiwi!! HOw cool! and from Rumblepurr!! how sweet! have you seen this, George?
    (found that vid of Kiwi bird and thot it was brilliant!)

  5. George says:

    Rumbles, yes, and that is so cool! Maybe we can meet some lady kiwis too!

    Cool, Yoda!

    QOL Buttons, he’s a bird not a toy QOL

    Zack, thanks for the cool video link!

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