This weekend I went to Five Guys with the Typist and Uncle Milty.

I have VERY nommy fries. I did not have a cheeseburger though, @Sydpie, but I will have one for you next time.

We had ketchup and malt vinegar for the friends. Tastee!

I shared a soda with the Typist. I am too small to have one all to myself.

And of course afterwards I had to wipe my bill with a napkin. I am a polite duck, after all.

I enjoyed my lunch at Five Guys!

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7 Responses to Nommy

  1. Sydpie says:

    What a GREAT adventure at 5 Guys! The french fries look super nommy. You are a very neat eater. I get food all over my nose & mom has to wipe my face with a napkin. SMOOOOOOOOOOOCH!!! Luv, Sydpie

  2. Wow it sounds like a great lunch – I lover fries! I have never been to 5 guys but those look very tasty!

  3. mariodacat says:

    oooo – dat certainly looks yummy. We don’t have a Five Guys round here.

  4. George says:

    Sydpie, I am neat unless I fall in the ketchup. I did not fall in the ketchup this time.

    Amy & Cats, maybe you should go sometime.

    Mario, you can come to our Five Guys. I love visitors!

  5. Busy Buttons says:

    There aren’t any on the map near where Mom and I live. Guess we could drive up to Chicago to get some. I wonder if I can convince Mom. I miss fries since Mom started her stupid diet!

  6. Rumblepurr says:

    And best of all? You’ve got the bill!!!


  7. George says:

    Buttons, I hope you can convince your Mom.Diets are silly.

    Rumbles! QOL Silly cat!

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