Rocking Adventure

I had a rocking adventure last week — I went to a rock show with the Typist! I had never been to one before.

I went with the Typist over to the exhibition hall at Richmond International Raceway, which she calls “State Fairgrounds”, and which has the name “Strawberry Hill” over the entrance. (Humans are a tad strange.)

I was very excited when I saw there would be gems and minerals and jewelry, not just ordinary rocks.

The nice lady at the front desk let me in without paying. I am glad. I would have felt bad that I got out of the fanny pack if she had made the Typist pay.  I got one shot with all the booths in the background, but they would not allow the Typist to take more pictures. Fooey!  There were lots and lots of neat rocks and crystals and beads and even some neat jewelry. I think the Typist’s jewelry is better though.

Here are a couple of cool things the Typist got.  The crystal on the left is a quartz crystal from Brazil.  It is very sparkly in the light.  The BRIGHT blue stone is chalcanthite. It is the brightest blue rock I’ve ever seen.

I had a lot of fun at the rock show.  I am glad the Typist took me with her!

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4 Responses to Rocking Adventure

  1. Rumblepurr says:

    Watch out for rolling stones!!

  2. Busy Buttons says:

    *snickers* I was so confused for a minute there ’cause I thought you went to a rock show as in a rock concert!

  3. mariodacat says:

    Wow – those are gorgeous stones. Can’t wait to see what your typist makes out of dem. he he – I thought you had gone to a rock concert too. Silly me.

  4. George says:

    QOL Rumbles, I will watch out.

    Oh Buttons QOL Sorry about that!

    Mario, apparently that’s pretty normal. It never would have occurred to me, though, considering I hang out with the Typist so much.

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