For my kitteh cats

George the Duck and his prize from Boris Kitty I won a prize from @BorisKitty at a pawpawty!  Toys for my kitteh cats! Yay!!! Thank you Boris for donating such a cool prize package!

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4 Responses to For my kitteh cats

  1. Busy Buttons says:

    TOOOOOYS!!! I don’t even care if they’re kitty toys…I love toys! You’ve got some lucky kitties, George.

  2. Wow George that is so awesome!! Congrats!! We know the kitties will love them!

  3. mariodacat says:

    Wow – great prizes George. You might have trouble getting those away from the kitties tho!!

  4. George says:

    Yes, everyone, my kittehs are having a lot of fun with them! I even forgot to mention the Zuke’s that Boris sent too. Oops! They love them too.

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