It was a great pawty

We had a great time at the BarkWorld PJs Pawty Friday night. As usual, some of my friends had pawsome costumes. These are just a few of my favorites.

@BadAndy_KityKat had great Superman PJs

@BadAndy_KityKat had great Superman PJs

@CheshireK in his Pawty Sekurity Uniform by @ShawneeShep

@CheshireK in his Pawty Sekurity Uniform by @ShawneeShep

@BunnyJeanCook in her bunny jammies

@BunnyJeanCook made us grin and laugh with her bunny jammies!

What’s not to like?  I have so much fun at pawpawties with my friends. And guess what!

I won a 3 day pass to the BarkWorld Expo! Yes!!!

Barkwold Expo

I won!

I get to take the Typist to BarkWorld in Atlanta in August! *does a happy ducky dance* Yay!

AND Dave the Duck and the others at A Chance for Bliss Animal Sanctuary got some financial help from the funds we raised. Yesssss! #bwPJPawty was great!

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5 Responses to It was a great pawty

  1. Busy Buttons says:

    A bunny in bunny PJs… I saw her avatar at the #bwpjpawty but didn’t “get” that until right now… *snickers*

  2. George says:

    It took me a while too. I love it!

  3. mariodacat says:

    Those costumes were so much fun. Great pawty, and we were so happy that so many $$$ were raised. It’s a great charity to back.

  4. George says:

    You got that right Mario. They have a DUCK! How could they not be great?

  5. Fisher says:

    Fantastic photos of a great party. I love it.

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