My The Anipal Times mug arrived!

George the Duck and his The Anipal Times Mug

I feel very official now!  I can sit in my cool The Anipal Times mug while I do operations stuff and edit.  I might even let the Typist wash it out and drink her coffee from it. If she behaves.

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4 Responses to My The Anipal Times mug arrived!

  1. mariodacat says:

    Cool cup George. Aww very kind of you to let typist borrow it. You is such a good ducky.

  2. George says:

    Thank you Mario. It is very comfy too.

  3. Busy Buttons says:

    That’s a spiffy-looking mug! IF the typist uses it, be sure she washes it before she returns it. You don’t need coffee or something on your tail feathers…

  4. Hey! I have one just like that!! They’re great, aren’t they!? I can’t fit into mine though. Neither can mom, I don’t think. I could keep my plague ratsie in it!!

    Oh wait – yes I just saw you in your cup on my TV guestbook!

    Cokie the Cat

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