Necessary evil: The vet

Kitties gong to the vet with George the Duck Sometimes I have to take my kittehs to the vet.  They have to get their shots  — vaccinations — and get examined in case of, well anything icky for cats. Mini the Cat does not like going to the vet It is very important to their health. It is easier to fix something when it is still small than if you wait until it is a big problem. That is why I take them even though they do not like it. Mini always tries to break out of the PTU*. So far she has not been successful.

*PTU = Prisoner Transport Unit aka Cat Carrier

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8 Responses to Necessary evil: The vet

  1. marleyterrier says:

    we fink you are doin the right fing George, even if the kittehs don’t likes it.

  2. mariodacat says:

    You are a good ducky to take your kitties to the vet. I no like to go either, sigh, but M says we have to.

  3. George says:

    Thank you Marley. I can’t blame them. I would not like to get needles stuck in me.

    Yeah Mario, Typist says we have to. I think being healthy is a pretty good thing, so the vet seems not so big a price to pay.

  4. Yoor doing da right thing George. Even if da kitties don’t preeshiate it.

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  6. You’re right, George! Going to the vet is furry impawtant.

  7. Busy Buttons says:

    I had to go to the vet on Monday ’cause of my bad allergies. Well, actually ’cause of a big lump Mom found on my back, but we found out that it was caused by my allergies.

    I could have done without them sticking the needle in it, though. *shudders*

    I don’t like the vet…

  8. George says:

    I’m glad it was just allergies, Buttons!

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