Weird Wednesday

You can find my blog here by searching on Google.  Some folks sure find me in weird ways.  I find them funny.

  • keep birds pooping my car – Are they trying to keep birds pooping on their cars???
  • miss nommy – They miss someone named Nommy? Or are they looking for a Miss Nommy?
  • toys named George – I may be a catnip stuffed duck, but I am way beyond toy. I am Head of Operations for a newspaper for goodness sake!
  • more georges – This person wanted lots of georges, but whether they mean Georges in general or georges of snow, I do not know.
  • what to wear on hangouts – I wonder if they like to wear photoshopped clothes when they go out in public.

And last but not least… “cokie the duck”! I bet my friend Cokie didn’t know he’d turned into a duck. Do you think we should tell him?

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3 Responses to Weird Wednesday

  1. mariodacat says:

    You must be famous since there are so many Georges on Google. hee he – I still think you should consider changing to Georgette.

  2. Busy Buttons says:

    That’s hysterical!

    You use Google Analytics?

  3. George says:

    Georgette? Noooooooooooo! Silly Mario 🙂

    Buttons, yeah I do… very weird stuff. It’s good for a laugh though.

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