Tails can knock over small coffeetables

Brutus the DaneWhose tails? Why my friend Brutus the Dane‘s tail, for one. Along with any of our other Great Dane friends!  While their tails are wagging with excitement to see the upcoming Marmaduke movie, they’re starting to be concerned. You see, when there are movies and such that feature an animal’, there is often a  crazy for buying them. And people bring home, for instance, a very cute cuddly little Great Dane puppy. Well that puppy is NOT going to stay little. And some people can’t handle that, so the poor creature gets taken to a rescue or humane society or spca. All because people weren’t thinking. They didn’t realize that a cute cuddly puppy wasn’t going to stay a cute cuddly puppy. All it takes is some thought. Please do it, and share that thought: Only get pets you are prepared to have when they are tall, fat, ugly, stinky, or whatever, instead of a puppy or kitten.

As my buddy Brutus says,
“Please, help us get the word out
that owning a Great Dane, or any dog for that matter, is a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly.”


Please Help.

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2 Responses to Tails can knock over small coffeetables

  1. Oh this is a great message to get out George! We know that this is a big problem not just with movies, but with things like cute baby chicks and bunnies at Easter, and things like that. We wish people would really think and study before getting into something like owning an animal! And boy, a Great Dane is one that is going to change a LOT as it gets older – hopefully people will start to learn!

  2. mariodacat says:

    Good post George. We do need to get the word out. Kitties & doggies are so cute when little, but they do grow up. I love Brutus, he’s a gentle giant. But, a giant he is and we have a small house. Goodbye lamps, knick nacks, etc.

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