Turn off the heat!

Please! Before my Typist melts.  She’s soft and mooshy already.

It is too hot

It has been way too hot for a week. The Typist keeps mumbling about dog days of June and whoever heard of this heat in June. I think she’s losing it. So somebody please turn down the heat.

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6 Responses to Turn off the heat!

  1. madiodacat says:

    Oh My GOSH – 100.4 – dat is terrible. Hope your AC doesn’t give out like ours did. We suddenly turned cold here, but get warm again in bout 3 days. I’m blowing some cool your way. Puffffffff!

  2. If we could take away some of the heat we would – it is only in the 70’s here so we could handle a few more degrees. We hope it gets cooler there soon!

  3. Herbie says:

    “Soft and mooshy already.” Haha! My peeps feel ur typist’s pain. It’s way too hot here they say. Personally I’m ensconced in the air conditioning 24/7 so I don’t really have an opinion on this but since I don’t want ur typist or my peeps to melt, I hope it cools down soon. xoxo

    • George says:

      Herbie, Sanjee says about the same thing. What does she care about the weather when it’s always the same temperature inside? I hope our peeps do not melt. That would not be good.

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