Metaphysical George

My Typist loves crystals and metaphysical stuff. She’s funny that way. *grinz*  She took me to a metaphysical shop recently, though, and it was neat!

George and the lucky Buddhas

I got to meet a bunch of little guys with fat tummies. Typist says they’re all named Buddha, but there must be one Joe in there somewhere.

George and the mystical crystals

I got to see all sorts of pretty crystals and rocks. The shop lady didn’t even fuss when I sat on some of them.

George and angel things and stuff

I got to look at all the neat magnets and good luck charms and angel stuff too. I think I would like to meet an angel. Hmmms. I think Baby Duck is an angel.  Anyway, it was lots of fun at the metaphysical shop.

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7 Responses to Metaphysical George

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  2. Wow,that is a lot of cool looking stuff! Or mom used to work at a museum that sold lots of crystals and stuff so we have some at our house. We think they are very neat!

  3. mariodacat says:

    Oh those Budda’s are so cute. They bring good luck too if you rub their fat belly. It really works too, M says! If M says it, it’s gotta be right! he he

  4. George says:

    It was cool, Amy. Since the Typist makes jewelry and sells crystals, we have them all over the place. They are handy for me to sit on. QOL

  5. George says:

    Mario, It must be right if M says so. Is it good luck to rub a ducky belly? What does M say?

  6. rumblepurr says:

    Baby Duck says to mention that she IS an angel! (we won’t mention how she’s always getting nomed, cause we don’t think angels get nomed.)

  7. George says:

    QOL Rumbles. Tahnk you for passing that on. And we won’t mention that nomming bit.

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