No trip to Walmart

George the Duck gets bananas at WalmartWe had a trip to Walmart planned last night for after I finished DJing. That plan didn’t work out because the Typist got a call that her Uncle, Grandma Duck’s brother, had been rushed to the emergency room. It turned out that he had a broken nose, but it scared everybody. And I will have to go get more bananas at Walmart another time. That is ok. I am glad the Typist’s uncle is not severely bad hurt or sick.

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6 Responses to No trip to Walmart

  1. Oh George we are so glad that it wasn’t anything more serious than a broken nose – what a fright your poor typist must have had at first! We are sending over lots of healing purrs and prayers for your typists uncle!

  2. Whew! Wot a releef that it not be serious. I be thinking mebbe the typist’s unkull be needing a duckie like you to keep him bizzy so he not gets hims nose brokened. BTW, George, you would be invisibulls in those bannanners if’n you did not has your sunglasses on. Did you knows that?

  3. rumblepurr says:

    We’re glad your uncle is ok…

    Have you seen the new friend we have? We posted about him today. I wanted to let you know he’s just good friends with Baby Duck.

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