I do not understand humans.  They worry about the weather too much. Yes, I like it warm enough so I don’t shiver in my feathers. And cool enough I don’t fall over from the heat. But a little rain? That’s fine!

The Typist on the other hand makes the weather inside the house stay the same all the time.  But when there’s a little rain, she feels bad. She groans about sinuses and “oh my head.”  I do not understand why a little rain outside the house makes her do this.

She is puzzling, but I love her anyway. By the way, does anyone happen to have a heating pad for her head?

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2 Responses to Weather

  1. Amy & the House of Cats says:

    We totally understand it George – our mom is the same way as you typist. But her head usually is bad right before the rain, and then gets better when the rain finally starts.

  2. mariodacat says:

    Darn oomans are never happy with the weather – either too hot, tool cold or too much rain or not enough rain. Blah blah blah! oooo I loves nice warm heating pads. She can borrow ours.

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