Why I Have to Take a Twitter Timeline Break

Thank you.

I’m amazed and honored that so many have sent notes saying they’d miss me while I have to take short break from Twitter. That is so sweet 🙂 Thank you.  There have been so many notes and people wanting to know what’s wrong and if they can help, that rather than overwhelm the timeline I’m doing this blog post, and I’ll share the link to it.

My Typist has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from childhood abuse. Mostly it’s not a problem; she’s had some excellent treatment. But of course it never goes away entirely. Sometimes things related to abuse of different kinds triggers her PTSD. When it does she has flashbacks and/or other very unpleasant symptoms. When she’s having a PTSD episode, she needs to back off from things that trigger her PTSD at the moment and take extra care of herself.

The graphic descriptions we saw on our timeline of Daisy’s abuse and apparently some other animal also, triggered a PTSD episode for Typist. She started having flashbacks. Then every time she saw Daisy mentioned, it triggered her symptoms more.  It can take anywhere from a week to months to totally recover from a severe PTSD episode and it helps make that period shorter to stop “pushing the buttons” that trigger it. We realized it was too severe an episode to just try to bully through, and apparently the discussions weren’t likely to stop in an hour or two.

So we’re taking a break from the general timeline of Twitter anipals.  We will be around at different times to respond to and chat via @ replies and DMs, but until things calm down on the general anipal timeline, we have to limit ourselves to this. If you want to chat just @ me or DM. I’d like that.

Typist says we will try to come to #pawpawty this week,  and hopefully that will be ok. *knocks on wood*

Please don’t be mad at anyone for us having to take a break.  We realize they’re trying to raise awareness. We disagree that sharing graphic descriptions in public is the best way to do it, as we’re not the only ones who have problems with it. Our disagreeing doesn’t mean what anyone is doing is bad.  We just disagree, and that’s ok.

*ducky hugs to all*

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12 Responses to Why I Have to Take a Twitter Timeline Break

  1. Oh, George, I unnerstand eggzaktly where you be coming from and it do be the reason I is not on Twitter much any mores either. Not coz of PTSD but coz we runned a rescue group fur 10 years and seened all kinds of horrid stuffs. We got burned out coz of dealing with stoopid peeples wot makes horrid stuffs happen and Twitter woz a fun place to be where I could go to furget about ickinesses. But then that started to change and when I would go on Twitter there would be ickinesses and like you sayed, not that it be bad but it do be wot we is trying to get away from so we only check in efurry so often and only join in when fun things be happening. I send slobbery Shawnee smooches fur the typist. (And I duss not gib those freely at all so they is FURRY speshull.)

  2. pandafur says:

    Iz sending your typist *softpaw* an healing purrs. I know you will takes good care of typist George an I looks forward to when you can come owt an play again.

  3. boriskitty says:

    *BIG BORIS HUGS* I do understands and appreciates ur backin off. I haz unfollowed a few of da folks dat all dey post r sad, sad stories.

    We r der for u and I fur one am glads to knows when I @ reply u will be der.

  4. fairhope71 G Kay Norris says:

    I understand and so do the kitties. Take care of yourself and the Typist. Glad we can
    talk to you and feel free to talk to me if it helps. I know about Twitter. Sometimes it helps to tweet stories you feel will help some get help or get adopted. Sometimes the
    sadness of things is overwhelming. Hope you get to come to nipclub you always brighten up the place!

  5. @tildatoo says:

    We understand buddy, take good care of the Typist and we hope to see you at #NipClub & #Pawpawty, but understand if more space is needed. With so much bad stuff in the world, that’s what the person and I need to escape to sometimes {{{coonhound hugs}}}. Thanks for all that you 2 do for everyone and know that we appreciate everything!

  6. informed ferret says:

    Wez understandz too. Hooman Roomin has PTSD but it from being in da military. Soz wez understandz really well about dem triggerz. *ferretyhugs* and *ferrerykissez to typist* wez hope thingz settledownz soon.

  7. Bad Andy says:

    I’m with ya buddy – support you all the way, plus another mile! XoX

  8. marleyterrier says:

    Poor typist. We do send some Marley smooches for her and for you. We ope she be doin much better soon and you can rejoin the fun. We do miss you already my pal.

  9. George says:

    Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.

  10. HollieCatRocks says:

    I send kitty hugs to all of you and your sweet typist. I always be around if you want to chat by Dm or chat! *big kitty hugs*

  11. George says:

    Thank you too Hollie. I appreciate it. 🙂

  12. susan says:

    Dearest George and Human Typist,

    I have been worried about you both, seeing you aren’t blogging. I still have the lovely duckie you sent to me and my membership to the duckie club. We think of you, and please do what is best for you… just don’t forget to hug the kitties!

    Susan and Hollycat

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