A Very Merry Christmas and Many Thanks

Wow! It’s a very Merry Christmas for the black kitties at Black Cat Rescue, Inc. I was hoping for $500  total between Firstgiving and Chip In, but wow $751 combined! That’s fantastic!!! Thank you all for helping the black kitties so so much.

Thank you every single one of you who made this #CatmasEve pawty possible, whether you attended or DJd or organized or what. We were very, very sad when we were sitting here alone in the house at Thanksgiving with Typist so sick, because we thought we could not have our annual #CatmasEve party. We just didn’t see how we could do it. But that was pretty silly. As we’ve seen time and again, we get buy with a little — or a lot — of help from our friends. It meant so much to us to be able to have this year’s party in spite of Typist not having been well. *ducky hugs* and *Typist hugs* and PURRRRRRRRRRRRS from all of us. Thank you.

I don’t know if you noticed, but @TinyPearlCat was running around with her camera last night. I should have shared the pix as she got them taking, but I was not batting a thousand exactly. So here are TPC’s great photos!

Thank you for the great pix Photographer @TinyPearlCat! Thanks to awesome barktenders @MizzBassie @Kingtuttifruiti @HenryTheCat2002 @tildatoo @Meow_Girls @SpoiledMinPin @Pumpkinpuddy @TinyPearlCat @LadyGreyFox @PepiSmartDog! Thanks to fabulous DJs @mattiedog @Dogstoyevsky @Fergusthedog @Yoda_the_dog @crybabrkit @CathyKeisha @Bea_Bells @Autumnthedoxie @Flicka47! Thanks to amazing Quizmasters @joeybeancat @PKthecat @FrugalDougal @MaggieTKat @IcyPinkLemonade @Spike_Cat @Henryandfriends EDWUD! Thanks to generous pwize donors @Smokey8 @whskr @informedferret @GinaTheMinPin @Poppy_dog @Bjinte @ChazzTheDog @ImaJackRussell @kittehboi @pasikas @LilyLuWhoT @Flicka47 @Puppyaguineapig @RetteKaninchen @petcarebev! Thanks to Sekurity officers and assistants @OdyMaltese @CheshireK @Brutusthedane @Snoopdoggodixie @bloodhoundndots @IamDaisyDoo @RealFakeGator! Thanks to @JavaTheCat for a super menu and helping me organize! Thanks to @Flicka47 for the outstanding Cookie Cafe! Thanks to @FrugalDougal and @MaggieTKat for organizing the pwizes and quizzes! Thanks to @BrutustheDane for organizing Sekurity! Thanks to Cheysuli and Brandi for helping out with the Chatzy party! And thanks to @Fergusthedog for wrangling DJs! If I missed you worker or organizer, please know it’s the Typist’s medicine missing you on the list here and we so much appreciate you. Thank you to all who donated to help black kitties and who spread the word. And especially thank you to all of you who came and pawtied with us.

I look at that huge list of folks who took their time and energy to party with us and help black kitties and it makes my eyes tear up. Thank you so much for keeping this dream alive for us when we thought we could never manage.


Merry Christmas!

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9 Responses to A Very Merry Christmas and Many Thanks

  1. Pandafur says:

    It wuz a pawsome pawty like it alwayz iz cuz you an teh Hotties rawk! I wudn’t evar want to miss teh #catmaseve pawty cuz anipals iz teh bestest furrends an it makes mai chrispmouse merry!

  2. Mariodacat says:

    Oh George, what a great successful pawty it must have been. While I enjoyed having sisfur and SIL here with us for Christmas, part of me wanted to be at your party at the same time. I’m so happy it went so well and you had so many great pals helping. Kitty kisses to you and typist.

  3. Rumbles says:

    Merry Crispmouse Georgie, and cuddles to the ladycats (and a pawbump to Pepi!)

  4. Cathy Keisha says:

    #CatmasEve is a new wonderful tradition at our house. We look forward to it. I’m always happy to help. Love all you guys.

  5. Whskr says:

    Goerge, you did the black cats proud, I am so glad I was able to drop in on the pawty and give some giftys, it was so worth the effort for the fun and enjoyment had by so many.

    Thank you,

    @Whskr and @DashKitten

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  7. Dear GeorgeTheDuck & Typist,

    This was my first #catmaseve pawty and I had such a great time! Fank you for making this lovely tradition happen again this year 2011.

    It was our pleasure (me & my Mom that is) to donate 3 pwizzes. we hope each of the winners will enjoy another holiday gifty. We wish to thank Pure Mutt, Inc. who helped us provide the donation.

    Happy New Year,

    ChazzTheDog & Adopted MomToChazz

  8. Glad you had such a great Christmas, George!! Love the pics (I like how i’m holding a controller! WAHAHAHA!!) Wishing you, Typist and the kittehs all a bunnderful 2012 full of adventure!! xoxoxo *snuggles* =:3

  9. @tildatoo says:

    It was a wonderful #Catmaseve! Sending coonhound {{hugs}} and best wishes fur a terrific New Year!

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