Join us on Catmas Eve

You are invited!All furends, anipals and their humans are invited to our 6th Annual George the Duck and the Hotties Chrissymouse Eve Party. This means YOU! We’ll be partying on twitter and on chatzy again this year.  Yay!

This pawty was started 6 years ago just so no anipal has to sit alone on Chrissymouse Eve and that’s really what it’s all about. That’s still the whole point of this party! Please don’t sit at home alone. Come hang out with us for a ton of anipal good cheer, music, quizzes and prizes, noms and more. RSVP here if you want to join us!

IF you have couch change to spare, we’re gathering our pennies together to benefit Black Cat Rescue. Black cats are half as likely to get adopted and here at the House of the Mostly Black Cats (HotMBC aka the Hotties) we love black cats.

You can help for free! Tweet out or blog about the #CatmasEve pawty whenever you can. The more furends we have attend, the more couch change, so help getting the word out definitely counts! You can also help out hosting, DJing, barktending, Sekurity and making graphics if you are interested in these things. And for goodness sake come to the pawty! It all adds up to a great time!

See you on #CatmasEve!

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7 Responses to Join us on Catmas Eve

  1. Pandafur says:

    Oh meow! Iz going to stop by, Iz nawt sure wen, but this iz always teh bestest an funnest pawty. Hooray fur Georgie an teh Hotties! I luvs you guyz xoxox

  2. Rumbles says:

    I’m gonna try to stop by too!

  3. Cathy Keisha says:

    I’m pretty sure I can DJ if you need me. I’m not sure of what time yet.

  4. PepiSmartDog says:

    I’ll be there, with my Showgirls and we’ll all be Barktending ! Stop by and try our latest CongaTini drink – but be warned: you’ll end up dancing ! BOL !
    Don’t sit at home alone, come and have fun with all of us ! Woot Woot !

  5. Oh George this sounds like so much fun. Can I RSVP here or where? Can’t wait!

    Signed, ChazzTheDog

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  7. @tildatoo says:

    Looking forward to another great pawty, baroooo!

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