*waves wing*

Hi guys! Me and the kitties don’t mean to be strangers. Now that the Typist has gotten past the pneumonia infection, she’s working some again. And that means lots of naps. It also means no time for tweeting. Fooey. I’m doing my best to take good care of her, though, so I can be back on twitter more. Typist says to tell you: Thank you so much for all your help.  Then she says to me: Naptime, George. So I have to go. See you this weekend for the #Jinglepawsrock pawty from noon eastern Sat to noon easter Sun if not before.

*ducky hugs*

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4 Responses to *waves wing*

  1. Cathy Keisha says:

    Glad Typist is feeling better. Hope to see u soon on Twitter. *kitty kisses*

  2. Pandafur says:

    Iz happy Typist iz feelings better but it tayks so long to get ovar teh tired so lotsa napz iz rilly good. Its a good thing you iz there to give a halping wing Georgie, Iz gonna send healing purrs fur Typist to haz sweet dreamz wen napzing. I hopes to seez you at #JinglePawsRocks *hugs*

  3. Mariodacat says:

    We’re so happy typist is feeling better. It’s the best news of the day too. And, it’s good she’s working again – will keep her out of trouble. he he Tell her to still get lots of rest tho so she gets all better and stays that way.

  4. Marleyterrier says:

    As long as you is well that is all that counts my chum. Woof *terrier hugs*

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