Anipal Twitter Parties

Anipal Twitter Parties

George the Duck at FrugalDougal Dudefest

George the Duck at @FrugalDougal #Dudefest

Anipals like to party aka pawty. There’s no doubt about that. We’ve held online parties for fundraising for charities, to raise awareness about animal issues, to celebrate birthdays, to honor anipals and just to have fun building community.

I love to pawty with my anipals and I love to help where I can. So I’ve gathered some information here for all pawty animals.

Pawty Q&A

  1. Do I have to pay to pawty? NO! Bring yourself and have fun. That’s the heart of every pawty and event.
  2. Why don’t I show up in tweetgrid or twitter hashtag (search) for the pawty?
    1. You have your tweets protected (locked).  Remove the protection / unlock for the pawty and you’ll be fine.
    2. Twitter has blocked you from search (& thus tweetgrid, etc.) for “spamming”. They perceive saying the same thing repeatedly as spam, even if it’s saying “hi how are you?” in chat to a bunch of  different people. So try to vary your tweets some. Many people make a second acct to use for pawties – everyone can see you even if they’re not following you when you use the appropriate hashtag. Note: Twitter does not allow multiple accounts to be used for the same purpose, so I would be cautious about this.
  3. Why doesn’t my tweeting work any more?
    1. Twitter is constipated and random at the moment, OR
    2. You’re in Twitter jail, which we call Twitmo. This happens when you make and/or receive too many tweets (API calls) within an hour.  If that happens, you are shut down from tweeting for an hour or more.  I have an entire post about Twitter jail if you need more information.
  4. Is donating to a pawty charity tax deductible?
    1. That depends on where you are and where the charity is, in most cases. Check with the charity itself to find out or the pawty host.
  5. What time is the pawty in my timezone
    1. You can use the World Clock Coverter if you need to.
    2. Ask your pawty host.

Avatar Costumes

Theme Costumes for your Twitter avatar are fun but not required. Your own fur, fins or  feathers are always appropriate attire. Remember to save your original avatar first! Here are some places you can go to get bling for your avatar:


Tips & Steps to Dress up your avatar

Make sure you have a copy of your original avatar (download it if you need to and give it original name)
Have your costum avatar picture ready. Twitter restrictions: Maximum size of 700k. File type JPG, GIF, or PNG.
In Twitter, click “Settings”
Click “Picture”
Click “Browse” and find the costume avatar picture.
Click on file of costume avatar picture
Click “Save” then Twitter will upload and when it is done, it will say “That’s a nice picture” and you can now see it.
  1. Make sure you have a copy of your original avatar (download it if you need to and give it original name)
  2. Have your costume avatar picture ready. Twitter restrictions: Maximum size of 700k. File type JPG or PNG.
  3. In Twitter, click the gear near the top right and “Settings”
  4. Click “Profile” (on the left)
  5. Click “Change Photo” (near the top)
  6. Click “Choose Existing Photo”
  7. Click on file of costume avatar picture on your hard drive.
  8. Click “Open” then Twitter will upload and when it is done, it will say “Your avatar was published successfully.” and you can now see it.

Volunteers On The Job

Parties have all sorts of volunteers. There are party organizers, DJs, Barktenders, Sekurity, Quizmaster, prize donors and partygoers.  Each one is important to make a party a success. If you’d like to volunteer for any of these positions let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

If you have a suggestion or question, just let me know.

Charity Guidelines: I am happy to support pawties for established 501(c)(3) or registered shelters’ rescues, sanctuaries and programs in the ways I can.  I recognize that there are other causes and individuals that are worthy, and I hope my information on how to organize twitter parties helps them.

7 Responses to Anipal Twitter Parties

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  3. The Mooshies says:

    Most excellent article on pawty etiquette n customs. We learned a few fings. Fank yoo!

  4. good stuff George! I totally want to have a good time at the NipClub Anniv. pawty and I am so new, just learning all this stuff makes my head hurt MOL Fake Gator took care of my avatar this time around so I am ready in that way…now if I can learn how to tweet fast. There have to be short cuts I can learn…off to find them…waving paws

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