#CatmasEve is coming.

George is getting ready!

#CatmasEve is coming to a Twitter galaxy near you.

12/24 3:00 p.m. EST to 12/25 3:00 am. EST

No sitting home alone allowed.
(Unless that’s just what you want to be doing.)

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…  is blogging now on the cat blog.

I can’t figure out this block editor or I’d say something pithy about him blogging.

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For TW

We found out today that TW, @CathyKeisha’s human, is very sick. We are sad to hear that. Typist remembers meeting TW at a Blogpaws conference years ago. We’ll send her Reiki and Love. If you can spare some good wishes, send them on.

@CathyKeisha graphic by Zoolatry.

We love you TW.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my 12th birthday! I’m going to get treats for my birthday, I just know it.

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Hi Again!

I missed having my blog open. Hopefully the sp*mmers won’t be too bad now.  Wish me luck!

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