CSA: Make Huffle Smile & Help Cats for Free

Biggify to see the news!
Huffle’s Mom will donate to a cat rescue for every comment they get on this post. And you can wish Huffle concatulations for 500th post too!  
Let’s see. Help kitties for free. Make a friend happy. How can you lose?
Stop by and say something.

*CSA: Critter Service Announcement

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4 Responses to CSA: Make Huffle Smile & Help Cats for Free

  1. Tracey and Huffle says:

    Thanks for coming to visit me George! I hope to get lots more comments before the end of the weekend.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. George The Duck says:

    You're welcome Huffle! I hope so too.

  3. MizzBassie says:

    George, you are truly a pawsome duck! You can keep this comment in case you ever get tagged for the pawsome meme again. Purrrrrrrrrrrs.

  4. George The Duck says:

    Aw *blush* Thank you MizzBassie. I do what I can.

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