Going to the beach Part 3

After we peeked at the ocean we got settled while we waited for the Typist’s father and brother to arrive.

I picked the bed next to the window for me and my pets.  I think the bed is big enough for all of us.
Then I got to meet the Typist’s Father. My cat Sanjee calls him Grampa. He is HUGE!  I am 3 inches tall and he is about eleventy inches tall! (Typist’s Note: 6’5″ which is very nearly eleventy inches.)
I got to meet the Typist’s brother too. Sanjee calls him Uncle Roman. He is not as huge as Grampa but he is pretty big compared to me.
After we said hi and put the clothes in the closet and stuff, we went and sat on the balcony for a while.  It is very high up.
Then we finally got to go take a walk on the beach!  I like the feel of the sand on my webby feet. It is a little difficult to waddle in though.
We looked around for some shells for Uncle Roman to take home. I found a black one for him.
After a while I got tired and hopped back up in the front pocket of the Typist’s fanny pack to ride and look at the ocean.
Then something Very Bad happened. I fell out of the fanny pack pocket and the Typist was walking away.
To be continued…
George the Duck
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4 Responses to Going to the beach Part 3

  1. Shawnee the Shepherd says:

    Oh noes! That is awful George! Did you hollar for the typist to come back? I can't stands the suspense to finds out wot happened.

  2. Mack and Sally Ann says:

    Oh no, George, what happened, are you ok?

  3. George The Duck says:

    It was scary! I will tell you in the next blog!

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