Troublesome Typist

The typist is broken again. Well, her tummy is. I’ll have to take her to the ducktor again. Anyone know where I can get a cheap second-hand typist?

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5 Responses to Troublesome Typist

  1. Amy & The House of Cats says:

    Hi George, we just started following you and wanted to say hi, and that we hope your typist feels better soon!

  2. Shawnee the Shepherd says:

    Good help is hard to find, George. You had better takes care of the typist you already gots! I'll send wishes for her to gets better soon.

  3. George The Duck says:

    Amy & HoC – *waves wing* Hi! Thanks for following 🙂 Thanks for the get well wishes for her, the ducktor gave her some stuff for her tummy so hopefully she will be un-broken soon.

    Shawnee – Thank you, my friend. I'm doing my best with her. Thanks for the get well wishes too!

  4. Mack and Sally Ann says:

    Dear George,
    I hope your typist is feeling better.
    Sally Ann

  5. George The Duck says:

    Thanks, Sally Ann. I got her a lot of pills and chalk syrup for her tummy after I took her to the ducktor. He says she'll survive. I think that is a good thing.

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