What a Pawpawty!

We had a great Down on the Farm Pawpawty for Charity this weekend!  We raised over $1300 for Soi Dogs Foundation in Phucket, Thailand.  We also had lots of great music and munchies and quizzes and farm costumes. I even won my first ever quiz! I was very proud.  Thank you to all the great DJs and Barktenders and Quiz Master and organizers!

These were just a couple of my favorite costumes. Aside from the ones I made, of course. QOL







Click on them to see the big size 🙂 I just love these and a bunch of others, but I can’t put them all up.

Don’t worry though, Official Fotographer Intern @trailerparkdogs is doing a group photo. As soon as they have the group shots processed, I will post a copy or link.

I was honored to be head barktender. It was my first time and I was very lucky that I got to work with a such a great group of anipals and even a human! Many  thanks to the bar and cafe gang  @MizzBassie @JinJinDoggy @Mulder_Cat @BadAndy_KityKat  @Meow_Girls @Oatiedog @Herbie_Cat  @DreamerDiary @SirFrancisDuck @bdgrlaw @Scully_Cat @LadyBonessa @BuzzLucas @Pierrethepoodle @Henrythecat2002 and my cat Sanjee. Special thanks to @Mulder_Cat @Sydpie @PollyPuss11 @katieboocat who all worked extra time to cover for human crises that cropped up to cut a couple of others’ times short. And all sorts of crazy special thanks to @JavaTheCat for helping me get it all sorted in the first place when I knew bupkus about being head barktender.

I also DJ’d for an hour. Here is my playlist from the pawty if you would like to listen. All 74 of these songs did not get into my hour QOL But I had them lined up in case I needed to cover for someone else.

It was a great pawpawty! I can’t wait til the next one 🙂

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4 Responses to What a Pawpawty!

  1. Boris Kitty says:

    PawPawty wuz PAWSUM! I hads very much funs. Even if I wuz pikd on n akused of moo-cow tipping. MOL

  2. George says:

    I’m glad you had fun Boris! I don’t believe for a minute you were moo-cow tipping. Sanjee would have mentioned it. QOL

  3. Wow, it sounds like it was a great pawpawty! We are sad we missed it, but we don’t have twitter (plus even if we did our computer at home isn’t working). But I am glad you raised so much money!!

  4. George says:

    Amy & Cats, It was a lot of fun. And thanks, it was great to be able to raise so much for charity 🙂

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