Quacking for Boris

My Friend BorisKitty is doing a fund raiser for the Humane Society of Berks County. His Human2 and friend did a walk for the anipals to help them out. According to Boris, “Dey iz not part of a national organization n dey depends on events like dis to be ables ta take gud cares of da kittehs n dawgs wot dey haves.” The walk was September 26th, but he can still collect for it to meet his goal.

I would really like to see him meet his goal. So to help him out, I want to show you how to donate. You can go right here and donate online. And if you give a $10 or more donation, and ask me, I will send you a free gift of a duckie cousin.

Cousin Duckie Prize

Of course Cousin Duckie is a cousin of mine. He or she comes with their own printed Official Duckie Hatching Certificate, and cool shades. Dog duckies are mallards and geese with squeakers, like in LouPeb’s prize. Cat duckies are Kong catnip duckies. Styles & colors of shades vary. I am not a rich duck, so one Cousin Duckie per household, and I can only offer them in the US unless you pay postage. I’ll be offering cousin duckies for Boris through October 20th, 2009 or until his $500 goal is met. To get your cousin duckie, after you donate, send a copy of your Firstgiving receipt to me at the email address on my contact page by midnight EST October 20, 2009.

Please help out Boris Kitty and his Humane Society if you can.

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5 Responses to Quacking for Boris

  1. Boris Kitty says:

    Dat iz so pawsum of u, Georgie! U iz one fine fettered furend!!

  2. Bunny Jean Cook says:

    I’m all over dat! Where duz i sign up? Oh here – rite! LOL

  3. CCL Wendy says:

    Thank you, George, for leaving me birthday wishes on my blog. I appreciate it. It was nice to hear from you.

  4. George says:

    Boris – I’m happy to do it.

    Bunny Jean – QOL Yes, here!

    Wendy – You’re welcome. It was fun to come by!

  5. Oh it sounds like we can donate until 10/15 then – that is good because I am broke right now but would love to donate – but payday isn’t til Friday. I am bookmarking this post so I can remember to go back and donate to Boris!

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