To the airport

Going to the airport

I got to have a little Adventure yesterday. The Typist had to pick up Uncle Milty from the airport, so I got to go with her. Uncle Milty is what my cats call him, by the way. He is not really my uncle.

On the way to the airport

The sky was very pretty on the way to the airport. I was a little disappointed that I only saw one big metal birdie though. And I could not get my camera fast enough.


The airport is a little scary looking at arrivals. It looks like it is going to swallow you up and turn you into a sign.

Sitting on the dash

I sat on the dash waiting for Uncle Milty and his friend K.  I think the security men were jealous of my cool shades, from the way they looked at me.


But then we found K and Uncle Milty. K wanted to remain anonymous. She does not normally have a black box on her face.


Uncle Milty looked happy to be home.

They were very tired from flying overnight, so we drove them home really fast. So fast that all the pictures were very blurred.

It was fun to go to the airport, though. I hope I see more big metal birdies next time.

Happy Birthday Uncle Milty!

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4 Responses to To the airport

  1. Zackary Rabbit says:

    I’m scared of airports too… *floppy ears over eyes*

  2. George says:

    There are so many signs that I am just sure they turn stuffed animals into signs there.

  3. Wow, the airport is pretty exciting! But it can also be very confusing. It sounds like the pick up went very smoothly though!

  4. George says:

    Amy & Cats – We got our friends, so it went great. Those places are confusing, though.

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