Lookie what the Typist got

The Typist got a card in the mail today!

card from Rudy C Kat's family

It’s from my buddy @RudyCKat and his family.  It is a cheery get well wish for my Typist 🙂  It made her smile big. 🙂

That was very nice of Rudy and his family 🙂  Thank you Rudy and everyone!

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5 Responses to Lookie what the Typist got

  1. Oh George we are so behind in visiting – we didn’t even know your typist has been sick! We hope she feels better now – being sick is no fun for anyone!

  2. Shawnee says:

    Wot a nice card for your typist and it coordinates wif your colors, too. Hope the typist is feeling better.

  3. George says:

    Amy & Cats – It’s ok, I haven’t blogged much about it. Thank you for the get well wishes for her.

    Shawnee – Isn’t it cool? Typist is doing a little better. She’s seeing ducktor again tomorrow so maybe that’ll help more 🙂

  4. Rumblepurr says:

    That Rudy is a mighty fine cat.

    We’re sending lots of healing purrs your way, and hope the ducktor went well!!

  5. George says:

    Thanks Rumbles, it went good }:)

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