Look who came to visit!

Anubis Visits

Anubis!  Egyptian god of the dead!  I have never been visited by a god before. Wow!  He is a lot taller than me too! I was a little nervous since he is god of the dead and I do not want to be deaded, but he did not do anything scary.  He did ask, though, if I had any mummies to embalm. Unfortunately for him, I did not.


Mr. Anubis did not like that first photo a lot so he asked for another one. You do not make a god of the dead angry, so we did it. Here you can see his jackal snout very nicely.

It was interesting to have a god visit.  Maybe a god of worms or seaweed will visit next. That would be nice.

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4 Responses to Visitor

  1. Petiethecat says:

    Oh fank goodness you did not has any bodies for himz to embalm. I hope god of seaweed comes to see youo soon

  2. Rumblepurr says:

    Mummy had a statue like that one, I kept knocking him off the high shelves till his arm and ears fell off hee hee!

  3. SydPie says:

    I would have been scared out of my SOX! You are a very BRAVE duckie!

  4. George says:

    Petie, yes, I am also glad I did not have any bodies for him to embalm. Yuk! Thanks for the good wishes of the seaweed god.

    Rumbles, I think perhaps it is rude to knock someone’s ears off. I hope you apologized.

    Syd, He was very polite and did not deaded me, so it was ok 🙂

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