In the snow! Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

In the snow

The snow was very deep. About 3 1/2 Georges deep when Iwent out!  But I am small and have webbed feet, so I stayed on top of the snow.

George making a snow angel

I tried making a snow angel.

Snow Angel err ok

It looks more like a snow cup. QOL

I helped with birdfeeders

I helped with the birdfeeders so the outside birdies will have food.

It was fun going out in the snow. Once. Cold, though. I think I will stay in now.

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7 Responses to In the snow! Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

  1. Brrrr… At least you were dressed for the weather!

  2. Anipal Info says:

    George we are glad that you have on your hat, scarf, & boots. Because getting cold & wet is not the best way to enjoy the snow.
    Bet your outside bird buddies were happy to see you put out snacks.

  3. Shawnee says:

    That bloo looks very striking against your yelloh fevvers. We should be gitting your leftover snows tonight. Did you has to send them our way? I mean a little is fine but we rilly don’t need 3 1/2 Georges.

  4. George says:

    YDC – Yes, thank goodness!

    Anipal Info – Cold and wet is not a very good way to enjoy anything much I don’t think. The outside birdies seemed very happy to get the snacks!

    Shawnee – I didn’t have any say over where the snows went. Maybe you won’t get 3 1/2 Georges worth.

  5. Cuzzin George, you look very cozy in your snow gear. I am very concerned that my cat Buddy’s mombean took me out in the snow – without ANY cold weather gear! I nearly froze my flippers off. I think I better ask my cat Buddy if he will give me some of his furrs to help me stay warm next time I go outside, ‘cos I don’t think he knows how to crochet.

    Hugs & quacks,
    Cuzzin Gloria

  6. Mariodacat says:

    At least you didn’t get buried in the snow! Your typist kept you safe from dat. Me still thinks you need skiis or a snowboard. purrs

  7. George says:

    Gloria – You should stay away from the snow until you get some snow gear. Us ducks like to stay warm!

    Mario – Maybe I’ll get a snowboard to use at the ski lodge for the #catmaseve pawty.

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