I see shovelling

… in the Typist’s future.

george hood

I better get her parka and scarf out for her.

Don’t look at me that way Sanjee! We don’t have a shovel my size. And even if we did, it would take about 16 years for me to shovel the stoop much less shovel the car out.

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4 Responses to I see shovelling

  1. madiodacat says:

    he he – better leave the heavy-duty stuff to staff. Dat’s what dey are there for!

  2. zackary rabbit says:

    I think, George, that your job should be to supervise mom shoveling from INSIDE the house, and to watch the kitty kats.. that’s alot of responsibility, ya know..
    (make sure mom doesn’t hurt her back or anything..shoveling can be dangerous *worryworry*)

  3. George says:

    I do prefer to supervise from inside where it’s warm, Zack.

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