Just like Tom Cruise

George in Calvin Kleins

OK, maybe not. But I can pretend to sing and play air guitar just as well as he can.

I thought about wearing my calvin kleins to #dudefest, but I decided that was risky business.

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5 Responses to Just like Tom Cruise

  1. George, we would take you over Tom Cruise any day!

  2. pandafur says:

    *SWOON* georgy you iz like a movie star!

  3. onecatsnip says:

    you look so much better in the undies than tom whats his name

  4. mariodacat says:

    he he – I think you should wear your Calvin’s.. You’ll be a hit with all the girl duckies!

  5. Zackary Rabbit says:

    WAHAHA!! Sweeet! Calvin Karrots!! hehehe!

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