More georges

a george of snow

We got a george of snow yesterday, then the Typist cleaned off the walkway lights like this one. So we’ve had another george of snow today!  And we already had about a george and a half still on the ground from last weekend. I am very glad I have my hat and scarf and booties.

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8 Responses to More georges

  1. Mog says:

    You’ll need more than a hat and scarf and booties with all that snow. How bout some really tall stilts. 🙂 Or just go the practical route and make the typist carry you. Then you’ll be above it all.

    Just thinking about it makes me cold.

  2. Rumblepurr says:

    We’ll need to send you some Icebreaker clothing to keep you warm!!

  3. George says:

    Mog, I make the Typist carry me around. It’s easier.

    Rumbles, that sounds toasty!

  4. mariodacat says:

    Dat is the cutest picture yet. You gonna freeze out der tho.

    • George says:

      Naw, I have my hat and scarf and booties. I won’t freeze, Mario. Besides, I make the Typist carry me and I can get in her pocket if I get too cold.

  5. Busy Buttons says:

    Your booty must be about to freeze off in that snow on the post, George! Stay warm.

  6. Zackary Rabbit says:

    George, shall I send you some stilts? or would a pair of chopsticks do?

  7. George says:

    Buttons, I didn’t stay out there to o long.

    Zack, chopsticks will do!

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