I got my prize from @EmmyTheCat from the Vegas pawpawty!  I won toys for my kittehs!

I was very happy to see the package from Emmy.

I opened it right up and climbed in to see the toys.

My cat Mini helped me get some of them out. There’s even an octopus!

And there was a note from Emmy too.  These toys are sold on behalf of the rescue Emmy fosters for. So it’s a triple win!  Prize for pawpawty, helps the rescue, and my kittehs get toys. Yay!

My cat Sanjee and Grandma played with the orange snake. Sanjee kept the yellow ball for herself too. I think Grandma kept the snake, she thought it was so cute.

My cat Gree got the orange ball and the octopus.

Boni Maroni got the blue snakey curl after Pepi played with it, but I couldn’t get a photo of her. She’s too shy I guess.  Pepi blogged about the toys he played with and showed pictures, so go see them too.

Thank you Emmy! My kittehs love the toys!

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5 Responses to Prize!

  1. Those are great toys George! Congrats on winning them – I am sure the kitties really appreciated it!

  2. Busy Buttons says:

    That’s a great prize! Very nice of you, George, to win a prize for your kitties. Did you keep any of the toys for yourself?

  3. mariodacat says:

    Wow – dos are very nice prizes. You were so cute poking hour whole self into the bag. It almost swollowed you up!

  4. Rumblepurr says:

    It’s good you do quality control on these bags George. We can’t wait to see what you think of the Doctor Mew package, we think you’ll be happy.

  5. George says:

    Amy, thank you!

    Buttons, I play with them with my kittehs. I have a human for a toy, personally.

    Mario, The Typist made sure that the bag didn’t swallow me up.

    Rumbles, oh I can’t wait!!!

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